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Michelle Nyce’s high vibes go interstellar in her indie urban pop hit ‘Eh Baby’.

Since a young age, the spotlight has fallen onto the multifaceted talent of the Toronto-based rapper, dancer and singer Michelle Nyce. For her latest indie urban pop earworm, she collaborated with StraightOuttaThe6ix to create a high vibe drunk on love single and music video that successfully epitomises the intoxicating feeling of getting hooked on someone’s vibe.

The sun-kissed radio-ready single, Eh Baby, is a stunning extension of the sentiments offered in Crazy in Love. Even though she has the style and gravitas of a multi-platinum-selling artist, she hasn’t lost her instantly infatuating girl next door vibe that we can’t wait to hear plenty more of.

Stream and download Eh Baby via apple music. Watch the official music video on YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Feel It In My Bones: The dynamic Miami artist Ha1ey evolves right before our eyes on ‘Seltzer’

As she read the signs and cooked up a new life as others went backwards during this horrible pandemic, Ha1ey turns up the heat to full on her sizzling new single which blows open the door on ‘Seltzer‘.

Haley Fishberger aka Ha1ey, is a flamboyant indie persona-pop artist and songwriter, producer, hot sauce lover, and dancer from Miami, Florida. She makes a deliciously soulful blend of electronic, pop and jazzy creations and seems to be only getting better on each one of her stunning creations.

Ha1ey’s sound is a fusion of soulful vocals, modern synths, and orchestral elements. Her message is “go big to go home.” Every song and performance communicates the importance of being the fullest version of yourself. Ha1ey embodies this through her sweeping melodies, risky lyrics, and empowering choreography.” ~ Ha1ey

Her lusciously intoxicating vocals are wonderfully striking as she sings with a marvelous aura about her, as she takes us on a refreshing ride to her lofty goals on this catchy new track. She appears to have that self-assurance woven into her soul that shows her where to go – as she performs with a magnificent style and grace – her sweetly toned voice has you so thrillingly captivated and totally captured by her brilliant energy.

Other defining characteristics of Ha1ey include sharing the personal stories behind her music, wearing capes just to throw them off during shows, sequins, and pouring hot sauce on everything.” ~ Ha1ey

Seltzer‘ from the highly talented New York-born, Miami-based indie pop artist and dancer Ha1ey, is that glowing track that shoves away all of the self-doubt forever. This is a multi-creative who lives for the stage, and has decided that this is her time to shine glowingly. With a bouncy beat that has you grooving to this enthralling tune, you are left in awe of her ever-growing potential.

This is the type of song which will have you reaching for your dreams, gritting your teeth, and believing you can achieve whatever goals you have set for yourself.

Hear this fine new track on her Spotify and check out the IG music page for more news.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

All I Was Missing Was Patience: Athena tha Goddess shows us her lane on ‘Empath’ (feat. Lo’Getem)

Taken off her hot nine-track album ‘House Dues Volume 1′, Athena tha Goddess drops more paper-making treasure-filled music for the fresh party to lap up deliciously called ‘Empath(feat. Lo’Getem).

Athena tha Goddess is an extremely courageous and highly talented Meridian, Mississippi-born indie hip-hop artist/singer and pole entertainer. She is a street-smart woman with that rare fire inside her sparkling eyes, which has her comfortably reaching to the stars and never looking back to the past.

Ever since I was a kid I dreamt of becoming a performer. Most kids wanted to be teachers or doctors and I wanted to be like Fergie.” ~ Athena tha Goddess

This is the exhilarating story of making it clear that she is in her own lane right now and isn’t interested in any bad vibes, as she brushes off the small-mindedness who foolishly try and put her down.

Her raps are highly impressive as she mixes in singing too – which gives a taste of her all-round talents – as he roams on the mic so freely as she knows exactly where she is headed in life.

Featuring the smooth sunglasses and riveting rhymes of Atlanta producer/emcee/youth football champion Lo’Getem, this is a powerful track filled with champagne and the 420-heated proceedings, certainly steams up the windows in delight.

I called my mom out for abandoning me and my brother for drugs. A lot of my family loved it and some didn’t.” ~ Athena tha Goddess

Empath(feat. Lo’Getem) from the hugely entertaining Meridian, Mississippi-born rapper and skilled pole dancer Athena tha Goddess, is the ultimate wake up and hustle anthem that she loves to show the world. Her free-spirited nature and massive creativity only seems to grow, as she truly believes that she can be anyone that she wants. On a track with so much scrumptious energy and that extra tasty strain only she possesses, this is a quality track which shows us her new-found patience in this fickle game.

See this fresh new music video on YouTube and find out how her career progress on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Like A Drunk Poison: Stefano drops debut track about that mysterious woman on ‘Lethal’

With a dance-filled music video that has you swaying around in such admiration for the prodigious artistic effect, Stefano wholeheartedly loves what she is doing to his shaking body as its suddenly feeling rather sprightly and ready for that much-needed action on ‘Lethal‘.

Dancer and Afrobeats artist Stefano aka Steffy Baby, is a wildly talented London, England-based singer-songwriter with Ghanaian heritage, who also blends in some tasty RnB to keep our lips licking in delight.

A new artist who has been craving to be more creative and push the boundaries on what is possible, he is in imperious form here and shows us what we have been missing out on.

This is the message that is easy to see, as he looks into her eyes and wonders what supernatural powers she has over him. Stefano is feeling urges that he has never felt before – as he smoothly takes off his stylish shirt – and shines brightly in the light with silky vocals, that has you reaching for the volume to hear it louder.

Lethal‘ from the London-based Afrobeats artists and well-known dancer Stefano, is the story of looking deeply into the striking eyes of a mystical woman who seems to have your heart in her soft hands, as she decides what to do with it. This is a sumptuously delivered single with so much oozing charm, from a singer on a mission to be more than just a dancer. He shows much class here – and gives us a remarkable debut to remember – that shows heaps of potential to turn into something rather special.

See this vibrant new music video on YouTube and see more from this stylist artist on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Her Happy Place: Motivated Australian pop artist Tina Rez drops cheeky disco-fused single ‘Love Dilemma’

After being shockingly scammed by a despicable local indie label two years ago, Tina Rez courageously moved on and followed her dreams with the respected Studios 301 and releases her much-anticipated fresh single called ‘Love Dilemma‘.

Tina Rez is a terrifically talented Sydney, Australia-based indie pop singer-songwriter, talented dancer, and loving Mum. She has that burning desire inside her veins to entertain and makes pure music that is so catchy, you will find yourself singing along joyously.

The song is about a girl who is all over a guy and is manipulating him to be with her but she’s only looking for attention and only wants to have fun. She knows how to get his heart and break it too.” – Tina Rez

She sings with such a impressive poise and a inner determination that so refreshingly alluring. You feel her sweet touch on this deliciously created track – as it jumps onto the dance floor with you – takes you by the hand, and looks you straight in the eye. This is that fun, naughty and sensual summer track you didn’t know you needed, that takes you for that fun ride you have wanted all day.

It takes courage to get up and show up every day, to keep going, and to follow your dreams even when those around you put you down. I once wrote about my dark experiences, but this is not the energy I wanted to bring across as an artist. I believe music shouldn’t just be about our dark times, but music should also move our happy nerves and that’s the energy I want to spark all over.” – Tina Rez

Love Dilemma‘ from the highly promising Australian pop artist Tina Rez, is a relevant song about someone who just wants to break hearts with no care or self-awareness, of what their selfish actions may cause. Sung by a marvelous singer with lots to prove, this is a feet-sliding 80’s/90’s fused single that puts you in the mood – and transports you to a place that has you feeling alive – replenishing the inside of the deepest part of your soul.

Stream this catchy new single on Spotify and check out her growing IG music page for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Better Now Without You: Superb new Atlanta singer Sophia Dashing finds her crown on ‘High Priestess’

As she moves on and feels better for getting her transfixed body away from the unhealthy toxins of a previous relationship, Sophia Dashing is so marvelously classy on her visuals for ‘High Priestess‘.

Sophia Dashing is new and exciting indie-pop/ RnB singer-songwriter, humanitarian and dancer, born in busy Atlanta, Georgia. She sings with that extra fire in her belly, as she helps us learn from past experiences and how to overcome anything standing in your way, from reaching your destined goals that are there if you really want them.

The song is a self-discovery, self-love anthem following the journey of choosing yourself after a breakup. A High Priestess is someone who listens to their intuition and has all of the answers inside of them. It’s a positive, self-reflective anthem that also touches on spirituality. ” – Sophia Dashing

After singing in local choirs since she was just six years old and dancing at a professional level since just eight, you feel that being a world class musician was destined for this fabulous young artist. She shows so much grace and kindness throughout, as you get lost easily into her stunning vocals which takes you quickly to a better place.

She sings with such pureness and Queen-like elegance, each note is so meaningful and you can’t help but get wrapped closely into her honest lyrics, that has you believing you can get indeed away from something you know is bad for you.

The catchy beat is perfect for her smooth voice and you feel her dreamy style lathered all over your soul, as your body shivers and you turn the volume all the way up.

High Priestess’ from the wonderful Atlanta singer-songwriter Sophia Dashing, races quickly in your mind and jump-starts any feelings you have, to rev them up so you feel that heart-stopping love again. Breakups are terribly traumatic experiences that can dampen your mood but must not last forever, as you have so much to learn and do in this fickle world. This is the ultimate replenish single, which is an inspiration to anyone feeling down.

Rising up and realizing you are actually stronger now, is the only way to boost your mindset onto better days.

See this pop anthem on YouTube and find out more about her rise up to the top on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

The True Performer: NYC’s Bobby Páraknight announces his arrival with debut track ‘The Prelude’

With an intricately crafted voice that artistically pulsates through the willing speakers, Bobby Páraknight brings us a debut single that shows us the promise that is on its way with ‘The Prelude‘.

Bobby Páraknight is an emerging New York City-based indie pop/rock singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, actor and dancer, who performs that music which has been born from his love for all things creative and being the best at what he does.

This is the story about how she though the world was going to end, as they were together but then things ended quickly much to his sadness. Sometimes the moments feel like they are going to last forever – as then they end quickly and have you wondering about all the kind things you did for them – without receiving much back in return but heartbreak.

He sings with such grace and flamboyance, with the catchy beat keeping your mind locked into each word that he sings. This is an artistic experience that feels so unique and with so much more to come.

The Prelude‘ from New York’s multi-talented musician Bobby Páraknight, is a start of a journey that he has wanted for so long, his voice is young and confident, with so much imagination, and you sense that his foray into music and dance will be rather successful. We are listening to a winner.

Stream this new single on Spotify and check out the IG for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Bravely Climbing Out: DORA GOLA desires so much more on her rousing new single ‘Dark Sand’

With a mesmerizing presence that has you eagerly awaiting her each stirringly sung word, DORA GOLA sings with such dynamism about how she wants so much more for her heart to flourish on ‘Dark Sand‘.

DORA GOLA is a sensational Poland-born, Ireland-based singer-songwriter, nature lover, professional dancer and vocal coach, with a heartfelt desire to reach her goals, no matter what obstacles are blocking her way.

She sings with a wild spirit that is so exciting and has you gazing into your soul as she keeps you alluringly captivated, her vocals catch your minds attention as you feel her pain and longing for something more, that is far away from the cold darkness.

This is the story about how you can feel like you are deep underground sometimes – as the warm embrace isn’t quite there yet – no matter how much you want it.

Dark Sand‘ from the wonderfully multi-talented Lahinch, Ireland-based singer-songwriter/dancer/vocal teacher DORA GOLA, is a spirited single that full of life from a vibrantly enthusiastic woman who gives her all each day.

Stream this new single on her Spotify and visit her IG for more inspiration from this incredible creative.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Two needed to tango: Ray Ramon is back with the catchy ‘What Do You Mean’ (ft. Morgan McElhone)

With smooth vocals and a glint of the eye, Ray Ramon returns with the exciting dance-filled new single ‘What Do You Mean‘ (ft. Morgan McElhone).

Ray Ramon is a strong-voiced Nigerian-born, Australian-based indie singer-songwriter/EDM artist and he is joined by the emerging Australian dancer, model and singer Morgan McElhone. Together they form a tremendous team that show their chemistry with a grooving new single, that keeps you captivated and wanting more.

“What do you mean is a song about unrequited love. A one-sided kind of love and knowing when to draw the boundary between love and lust.”- Ray Ramon

This is the story about a one sided love, that as much as you want it to be true, probably isn’t ever going to happen as you need two birds to make a nest in life.

They sing with passionate energy as both are supremely talented artists and mesh well here for a fresh new single that will have you fascinated and trying out your own dance moves, to see if they are up to scratch.

What Do You Mean‘ (ft. Morgan McElhone) is a crush-filled indie r&b fusion of sweet sounds that shows you that sometimes, two people can’t be together unless you both have that burning desire inside to burn bright, with the class to realize that, so you can move on and find your perfect soul.

Hear this hot new single on YouTube and see his IG for more news.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Will it happen again: Sedgeley wonders about how it feels ‘To Be In Love’ on reflective new single

With a self-reflective tone that makes you think deeply, Sedgeley sings soulfully about those past romantic times on his latest single ‘To Be In Love‘.

Daniel Broadbent aka Sedgeley, is an indie-pop singer-songwriter, dancer and actor, from North London in England. He sings freely with a loving energy that lifts you into his world, as you also ponder about love and what it all means during these tough times.

This is the story about being alone with the birds as your only company and thinking about what it will feel like, to be with that special soul again, so you can share your life with them and be truly happy. You enjoyed being alone for a while to clear your head but now you are healed and wish to be together, with a caring woman that fills you will joy and inspiration each day.

To Be In Love‘ from North London’s Sedgeley, is a sweet indie-pop song about being lonely and sad, whilst thinking about finding the one in your life for you to cherish, learn from and look after.

That feeling of real passion is one that most of us yearn for and when it happens, you need to hold onto the moment and never forget how you got there.

See this new music video on YouTube and find out more on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen