All I Was Missing Was Patience: Athena tha Goddess shows us her lane on ‘Empath’ (feat. Lo’Getem)

Taken off her hot nine-track album ‘House Dues Volume 1′, Athena tha Goddess drops more paper-making treasure-filled music for the fresh party to lap up deliciously called ‘Empath(feat. Lo’Getem).

Athena tha Goddess is an extremely courageous and highly talented Meridian, Mississippi-born indie hip-hop artist/singer and pole entertainer. She is a street-smart woman with that rare fire inside her sparkling eyes, which has her comfortably reaching to the stars and never looking back to the past.

Ever since I was a kid I dreamt of becoming a performer. Most kids wanted to be teachers or doctors and I wanted to be like Fergie.” ~ Athena tha Goddess

This is the exhilarating story of making it clear that she is in her own lane right now and isn’t interested in any bad vibes, as she brushes off the small-mindedness who foolishly try and put her down.

Her raps are highly impressive as she mixes in singing too – which gives a taste of her all-round talents – as he roams on the mic so freely as she knows exactly where she is headed in life.

Featuring the smooth sunglasses and riveting rhymes of Atlanta producer/emcee/youth football champion Lo’Getem, this is a powerful track filled with champagne and the 420-heated proceedings, certainly steams up the windows in delight.

I called my mom out for abandoning me and my brother for drugs. A lot of my family loved it and some didn’t.” ~ Athena tha Goddess

Empath(feat. Lo’Getem) from the hugely entertaining Meridian, Mississippi-born rapper and skilled pole dancer Athena tha Goddess, is the ultimate wake up and hustle anthem that she loves to show the world. Her free-spirited nature and massive creativity only seems to grow, as she truly believes that she can be anyone that she wants. On a track with so much scrumptious energy and that extra tasty strain only she possesses, this is a quality track which shows us her new-found patience in this fickle game.

See this fresh new music video on YouTube and find out how her career progress on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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