An ode to celebrate our Mothers: Colombian Family man Karval brings us a classic on ‘Tu Sabes’ featuring the legend Lisandro Meza

An ode to celebrate our Mothers: Family man from Columbia Karval brings us a classic on ‘Tu Sabes’ featuring the legend Lisandro Meza.

This is a real song for the times that we are in, a song that speaks of love for the family, of wanting to hug their parents, but which in turn raises a prayer for those who they are no longer with us. This is a terrific message as lot of the world will certainly feel this notion. With a groovy style, with cinematic backdrops, this is a terrific new single for 2020.

Undoubtedly, this is an important stage of Karval’s career, as ‘Vivo Sabroso‘, ‘Take Out Al Borracho‘, ‘Feo Pero Formalito’, among others have been big hits back home and overseas too. You can also see the respect that Karval has for Lisandro, he looks up to him and they make quality music together.

This is a great song, no only because of its rhythm and lyrics, but also because of the teamwork of these two great artists, this is a sincere tribute that Karval shows to the great teacher Lisandro Meza. This is a real song that shows the respect these two have for each other: the rising star and the established legend. They only want to make great music and unite their country.

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