Last Night: The Big Gun Show flows through Mexico on the way to Chicago

With the money thin and much to ponder, The Big Gun Show wonders when the healing will come from losing a love which is so treasured beyond anything else with the superb single Chicago.

The Big Gun Show is an Austin, Texas-based indie rock band who love to play that golden era type of music which is fused between 1970-1973.

Imagine a song swap in the basement of Villa Nellcôte among outlaws Haggard & Waylon, sided by modern-day honky tonker Charlie Robison. Also in the circle are members of Jet, Lucero and Blackberry Smoke. Graham Parsons demonstrates country stylings to Keith as Ray Wylie Hubbard makes Jagger and Freddie King laugh while they wail in unison like old, drunken friends.” ~ The Big Gun Show

Stoned again and giving us a really fine single to love for its authenticity, The Big Gun Show reminds us what true reflection sounds like in 2023. This is pure artistry at its best with a riveting sound to turn up on full volume only.

Chicago from Austin, Texas-based indie rock band The Big Gun Show is an old-school song with a vibe many just can’t ever forget. Inside this real song with purpose, we are taught to never give up no matter where the roads shall wander in this odd world.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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