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Lay Low: Mazzarati makes those important moves on Crew

From sipping on that fine Champagne on his previous release, Mazzarati stacks that paper all the way up to the top on his speaker-booming new single to help us all rise to better heights on Crew.

Mazzarati aka Johnny Mazzarati is a New York City-based indie hip hop artist who has recently risen to prominence on the underground rap scene.

Eyeing up that label spot with his quick wit and hungry bars, Mazzarati has his Ric Flair attitude on that has the whoo laced up tight. Showing disregard for anything but getting his money, this is a slick track from a massively ravenous creative soul.

Crew from New York City-based indie hip hop artist Mazzarati is a potent release that has so much ammo pointed up. Rugged to the core and showing us his lyrical prowess in droves, while promptly counting that cash he so desires, we find a hungry track ready to eat.

Guiding us through the world that so many thrive in, this is a hustler’s anthem to that hard work.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

You Do What You Want: NYC rapper Mazzarati sounds in his prime as he pops the ‘Champagne’

After bagging the treasure for himself on ‘222‘ from August 2021, Mazzarati takes a long sip of the good life and vows to live like this forever on ‘Champagne‘.

Johnny Mazzarati aka Mazzarati is a bold New York City-based indie hip-hop artist who is also a massive sports fan and raps with an edge that sets him apart from the rest of the new school artists around.

Taken off his latest 9-track ‘Main Event‘ album, this might be the best track of them all. Mazzarati takes on a high-rise journey that is all 5-star, as he sounds in the mood to relax after a wild year building up all those paper stacks so that he may live a much better life.

Champagne‘ from the risk-taking NYC rapper Mazzarati, is a bass-bouncing new single that has you sipping on the good stuff. This is all about feeling good and hanging around others who totally get what you are about. There is much to enjoy here from a young artist who is on the rise up – as he shows us how to act – when the pretty ladies come looking for someone fresh to dance with.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Drunk Text: North Carolina’s Jordan Berri falls for the love again on ‘Champagne’

With his much-awaited EP on the way soon and oozing in style that easily captures our intrigued attention, Jordan Berri teases the first single off the new project with the popping-a-bottle track called ‘Champagne‘.

Jordan Berri is an expressive Greenville, North Carolina-based indie hip-hop/pop artist and a former athlete. He makes that heartfelt music that pulls at your heartstrings, as he uplifts our romantic-less souls with a candle-lit atmosphere that heats up those hungry senses.

Growing up known for being an athlete, it wasn’t until he started recording music with his friends that his brand started to shift.” ~ Jordan Berri

With a stirring eloquence which slides us slowly into the picture of his on and off lover –  who he loves deep down – but feels like she might be wasting his time ultimately, we are entrenched into this romantic glance at the past and future. Sung with a classy interior, we are elevated by the gripping vocals that puts us all into a reflective mood, with an extra sip of that desired taste you crave.

Champagne‘ from the Greenville, North Carolina-based indie rapper and singer Jordan Berri, is a true story all about falling for someone who you know you shouldn’t really be with. You started off as friends but then the spark grew as you spent time together – with the drinks flowing things changed – as you now wonder if it was all worth it, even though you can’t get enough of her.

Sometimes you just need a sober night in, to see if you are both really compatible or just party friends, who are together when the night is alive with wonder.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Never Again: New York power band Ghostwreck urge us to never give up on ‘Champagne’

Taken off their exciting project called ‘The City is Gone‘, Ghostwreck saunter in strongly with their latest riff-laden single that will have you turning up the volume to hear each second with ‘Champagne‘.

Ghostwreck is a thrilling four-piece New York City-based based collaboration of quality musicians who fuse post-rock, punk, metal, and other still-to-be-discovered genres into their ferocious sound. They make that striking soundscape that crashes into you like a powerful wave in the ocean, as it washes all the self-doubt off your body, and takes you to that safe shore again.

They have a pulsating sound that smashes through your veins, the vocals are strong and clear to hear, with a band that certainly puts all on the line, and this is high paced music at its best. You feel their determination and its so inspiring, as they blaze a fire right to our hearts to gain strength from.

Champagne‘ from the NYC four-piece act Ghostwreck, shows us a band on a mission to help us to never give up no matter what. Money seems to drive so many people but it really isn’t everything, as that true happiness is the key that unlocks all your desires. If you know where that elusive key is, grab it, show those who you truly love how to find it too, and never let it go.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen