You Do What You Want: NYC rapper Mazzarati sounds in his prime as he pops the ‘Champagne’

After bagging the treasure for himself on ‘222‘ from August 2021, Mazzarati takes a long sip of the good life and vows to live like this forever on ‘Champagne‘.

Johnny Mazzarati aka Mazzarati is a bold New York City-based indie hip-hop artist who is also a massive sports fan and raps with an edge that sets him apart from the rest of the new school artists around.

Taken off his latest 9-track ‘Main Event‘ album, this might be the best track of them all. Mazzarati takes on a high-rise journey that is all 5-star, as he sounds in the mood to relax after a wild year building up all those paper stacks so that he may live a much better life.

Champagne‘ from the risk-taking NYC rapper Mazzarati, is a bass-bouncing new single that has you sipping on the good stuff. This is all about feeling good and hanging around others who totally get what you are about. There is much to enjoy here from a young artist who is on the rise up – as he shows us how to act – when the pretty ladies come looking for someone fresh to dance with.

Hear this new single on Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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