Money Moves: Motivated NYC rapper Mazzarati cashes out each day as he bags the treasure on ‘222’

With a self-assured tone and lots of flashy chains to have him looking so fresh and minted, Mazzarati returns to our attention with the hard-hitting new bank account adding single called ‘222‘.

Mazzarati is an underground indie trap rapper and massive sports fan from New York City. He makes that quick-fire music vibe that shreds through the speakers, and lets you know that he is for real in this fickle game of dice.

This is his take-notice-of-my-skills moment as he is the underdog who is still becoming known – as he raps with smoothly-lit skills – and aces in the lyrics department with a flow that should you have you taking notice. He is all about that cash and doesn’t want any other distractions, as he is all on the zone which has him thinking about those big mansion dreams.

222‘ from the confident New York-based indie trap rapper Mazzarati, is a huge statement of intent from an artist on a mission to get that respect, that he knows he deserves and feels like has been missing. With an assertive style that busts through the doors to show his skills to all – this is a young artist with bags of potential who feels like he is the GOAT already – who hasn’t been crowned yet.

Hear this new swag-laden single on Spotify and check out the IG music page for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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