Lay Low: Mazzarati makes those important moves on Crew

From sipping on that fine Champagne on his previous release, Mazzarati stacks that paper all the way up to the top on his speaker-booming new single to help us all rise to better heights on Crew.

Mazzarati aka Johnny Mazzarati is a New York City-based indie hip hop artist who has recently risen to prominence on the underground rap scene.

Eyeing up that label spot with his quick wit and hungry bars, Mazzarati has his Ric Flair attitude on that has the whoo laced up tight. Showing disregard for anything but getting his money, this is a slick track from a massively ravenous creative soul.

Crew from New York City-based indie hip hop artist Mazzarati is a potent release that has so much ammo pointed up. Rugged to the core and showing us his lyrical prowess in droves, while promptly counting that cash he so desires, we find a hungry track ready to eat.

Guiding us through the world that so many thrive in, this is a hustler’s anthem to that hard work.

Turn this up on Spotify and see more stories on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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