Andrew Ramey sips on the good stuff with a special heart in marbella

With a reenergized intro right out of a Fast & Furious movie, Andrew Ramey drops the most romantic single likely to enter any awaiting ears this year with the sultry new single to hold hands with called marbella.

Andrew Ramey is a 26-year-old self-taught Birmingham, Alabama-based indie hip-hop artist, sound engineer and music producer.

His music career began in 2017 when his cover of Post Malone’s ” ’92 explorer” and blackbear’s “I miss the old you” blew up, gaining almost half a million views on SoundCloud. In 2021, Ramey built a home studio and began to apply pressure to his music career.” ~ Andrew Ramey

Showing us where the class is, Andrew Ramey reminds many of his undoubted brilliance with a truly exceptional performance to savour for all its brilliance at every turn.

marbella from Birmingham, Alabama-based multi-talented Andrew Ramey is a crisp track which will calm many thirsty lips. Loaded with an incredibly romantic vibrancy which will fill the glass all night, this is the kind of song to put on when the memories of a heart-soaring romantic float into the mind late at night.

When you have a good memory, it’s best to keep it.

Hear this new tune on Spotify. Check out the IG page for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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