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Sitting In Bed Folding Laundry: Dune Dogs Band grows tired of being pushed away on Higher Ground

With a sublime style which shall see many merry faces around the world dancing with joy, Dune Dogs Band feels like the loving energy is subsiding rather quickly via the top echelon new single Higher Ground.

Dune Dogs Band is a Newburyport, Massachusetts-based alternative beach-rock band who pulsates the airwaves with mellow vibes to light up with.

Polished by the talented producer Josh Gold, both songs hold a catchy nature, and experiment with other sounds from around the world.” ~ Dune Dogs Band

Opening up our eyes to a romance which has faded away for unknown reasons, Dune Dogs Band draws out organic emotions which might send so many into a reflective state of regret inside a past love.

Higher Ground from Newburyport, Massachusetts-based alternative beach-rock band Dune Dogs Band is a song for anyone who has dealt with a companion who has decided to close their heart. With a catchy atmosphere to dance with, this is a rather honest effort which will stir many emotions.

When you get pushed away too many times, it’s best to think about what the future holds.

Listen up on Spotify. See more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Aedie’s splendid lo-fi summer track ”Drive-In” is exactly what we needed

Aedie is an impressive indie musician from Los Angeles in the USA. He soothes our worries away with his new track called ”Drive-In”.

This young performer loves to surf, create music and enjoy life. Just the way that we should be living. From going on adventures on the mountains of Colorado, to the riding the glorious waves of Rhode Island, Aedie makes laid-back music for us to enjoy. We are all running to or from something and this is the anti-body of stress. I feel so mellow while listening to this song and I imagine swimming in the sea in a crystal clear ocean with a special soul.

Drive-In” is a summer-soaked road trip song that is perfect for that sparkling sunset with your lover close by. The track is all about chilling out and forgetting your worries. The energy is one of peace and how things will happen when they are supposed to and not to force things.

LA’s Aedie has such a soulful vibe and he shows us how life should be. Cruising around with his girlfriend and going on adventures, far way from the rat-race and doing things that makes them happy. ”Drive-In” is a beautiful song that is so welcome in the cage of 2020.

Stream this splendid summer scorcher on Spotify just in time to heal our battered souls.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

The incredible Kellindo shows us his solo chops with sun-gazing ”Summertime”

With a start so fresh you just want to keep it chilled in the freezer. The lead guitarist for singer Janelle Monae, steps up to the solo mic and sends through good time vibes to our hungry souls. This could be the summer anthem for all of those who need some motivation. Kellindo is here to build us up and his single ”Summertime” just heals everything.

With a 70’s vibe all over this track, lots of solos that last for ages in a truly beautiful manner, this is a happy kind of song that needs to be played all over the world.

A quality singer-songwriter himself, Kellindo shines on his new single ”Summertime”. The guitar skills are absolutely legendary, the way he creates sounds is such a pleasure to witness. I feel like he had a a lot of fun making this and just wants to help the world celebrate that good summer the right way. The beat is funky and I feel like I’m sitting on the beach, shades on, grooving away with a refreshment in my one hand and a big smile slapped all over my sun-kissed face. What a song.

Stream this excellent musician right here on his Spotify channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

A&R Factory Present: SiDizen King

Check out this track ‘One Day’ by SiDizen King

SiDizen King is a new artist based out of LA that flows primarily over electronic and indie rock production. For just over a year he has taken a more serious approach to the music industry.  In that time span he has received just under 400,000 plays in that time span. His songs have been posted on a number of Hype Machine-indexed blogs and have made the top ten on their “Most Popular on Twitter” chart twice.

The track has a summery, chill/tropical feel. Sidizen King says “I wrote it when I decided to move to LA to pursue music seriously; it’s about keeping hope in the face of adversity and not losing faith in your dreams.”