Aedie’s splendid lo-fi summer track ”Drive-In” is exactly what we needed

Aedie is an impressive indie musician from Los Angeles in the USA. He soothes our worries away with his new track called ”Drive-In”.

This young performer loves to surf, create music and enjoy life. Just the way that we should be living. From going on adventures on the mountains of Colorado, to the riding the glorious waves of Rhode Island, Aedie makes laid-back music for us to enjoy. We are all running to or from something and this is the anti-body of stress. I feel so mellow while listening to this song and I imagine swimming in the sea in a crystal clear ocean with a special soul.

Drive-In” is a summer-soaked road trip song that is perfect for that sparkling sunset with your lover close by. The track is all about chilling out and forgetting your worries. The energy is one of peace and how things will happen when they are supposed to and not to force things.

LA’s Aedie has such a soulful vibe and he shows us how life should be. Cruising around with his girlfriend and going on adventures, far way from the rat-race and doing things that makes them happy. ”Drive-In” is a beautiful song that is so welcome in the cage of 2020.

Stream this splendid summer scorcher on Spotify just in time to heal our battered souls.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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