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Arkansas punk rockers TKK falls under a love spell on Damn You Girl

Falling for someone so lovely and kind, TKK opens up the door to love on the likeable new single all about expressing a feeling which is just bursting to get out on Damn You Girl.

TKK is an Arkansas-based indie alternative rock/punk band that loves to keep things raw and filled with fun to nibble on throughout all of their tracks.

Despite occasional rumors stating the band originally performed in the Arizona punk scene, TKK was in fact formed by Jake Hawkins and Zack Smock (Damn Randys) and Danny Nanney, and later joined by Joel Maness on bass.” ~ TKK

With a mellow vibe and taking us into a vortex of discovery, TKK is that underground group the world needs more of. This is honest stuff and is packed with emotions so many can surely relate to.

Damn You Girl from Arkansas-based indie rock/punk band TKK is a rather tremendous single crammed with so many loveable melodies of note. Perfectly in rhythm and getting clearer vocally as the song culminates into something rather purringly notable, this is a single to smile at for hours.

Love can shake all coldness away in seconds if you let it.

Turn this up on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

She Knows I’m Gangsta: Arkansas rapper Amp Wayne builds up the heat on Reloaded (feat. Ed Dolo)

Dropped from his upcoming album Pressure, Amp Wayne is in no mood to mess around and straps up with his hardcore team who are ready for war if needed on his booty-bouncing new single Reloaded (feat. Ed Dolo).

Amp Wayne is a Little Rock, Arkansas-based hip hop artist who is mostly known for his songs DRACO and MONEY SHOWER with moneybagg yo.

Slicing the competition apart like a hungry lion and making some big statements that could stir up the hornets’ nest, Amp Wayne and Ed Dolo join forces rather well and show us their leader mentality with a rugged song to drink your tea with. Featuring a pounding beat that might catch you off guard, this quick-fire effort which is laden with that street mentality that shall keep many alive.

Reloaded (feat. Ed Dolo) from Little Rock, Arkansas-based hip hop artist Amp Wayne is a thunderously delivered single that shows us a bag-packed mentality that is only raising those stacks to the roof. Showing us that trip from poverty whilst also setting a warning out for those haters, that this is no time to get silly as their armoury is rather stockpiled like the military at the moment.

When you know you’re the best, leaving the noise to others is probably the best bet.

Watch this new music video on YouTube and find out more vibes on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Arkansas-based EDM/Pop artist Kn0x feels like everything is so surreal on, ‘Falling’ (feat. Dropgun)

After taking his time to find that sound which he knew felt just right, Kn0x senses that this could be the love that he has been waiting for on his latest speaker-shaking release, ‘Falling(feat. Dropgun).

Kn0x is an El Dorado, Arkansas-based EDM/Pop solo artist who keeps on evolving frequently and isn’t afraid to change what he is doing if it wasn’t working before.

Simmering so beautifully with a spectacular single that has your mind engrossed like a happy camper who has just seen your soulmate, Kn0x drops a track that will have you reaching for the stars and never giving up no matter what pesky obstacles shall come your way. There is a really cultivated production with a punchy vibe on offer, that seems to flow all over your ravenous heart.

Falling(feat. Dropgun) from El Dorado, Arkansas-based EDM/Pop solo artist Kn0x, is a single that has you looking inside your gut to see which path you should head romantically. There is a true story here for us to learn from about always going for the flow, and never forcing anything that isn’t natural into your system. Sung with a gushing atmosphere and with a beat so tasty you might want to munch on it all night, this is a stunning single that brings you so much joyous emotion.

Love can be so simple if you let it.

Listen in to this new single on Soundcloud and check out the IG music channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Rising Up: $kribblemarkmartian knows what he needs to do on ‘Crossroads’

After realizing from very young that he wanted to avoid the easy-to-fall-into pitfalls that the soul-sucking streets can hold on you forever, $kribblemarkmartian rises up and lifts his mentality to something that makes sure that he can only be successful on ‘Crossroads‘.

$kribblemarkmartian is a tremendously impressive Blytheville, Arkansas-born, church-raised indie Hip-Hop artist, multi-instrumentalist, music producer, and music engineer.

There is much to like about a highly motivated artist who has seen the bottom and speaks about his genuine desires of success. With such a smartly created chorus which somehow has you automatically turning up the volume – he slays through the rest of the track like a ninja on a mission – to defeat all those blood-soaked zombies once and for all.

Crossroads‘ from the Blytheville, Arkansas-born indie rapper, music producer and highly talented $kribblemarkmartian, is that I-was-down-soundtrack which lifts you up from the floor. He has had tough times and decided that enough was enough, as he used his creativity for something positive and the results certainly show. He performs with a motivated edge and with a catchy style like this and echo-filled vocals, the sky is the limit if he keeps on flying high.

Hear this top track on Spotify and see more of his vibe on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Swimming so deep: Your Machine and David Woodring drop debut cover track ‘Astronaut in the Ocean (Rock Cover)’

Inspired by Masked Wolf’s top hip-hop track from 2019, Your Machine and David Woodring make the song their own on ‘Astronaut in the Ocean (Rock Cover)’.

Your Machine from Rogers, Arkansas and David Woodring, have formed a global band, born from the dark days of lockdown all over the world, to enlightening us with rock music that has extra edge and meaning.

They effortlessly bring us a cover song that is fused from hip-hop to rock like a talented welder, expertly portraying the story of an underwater traveler, as your brain freezes from so much toxic waste around that has entrenched into the veins. You try and break away from the sewage inside, so you can find that clean water again that purifies your heart, rather than the opposite.

Astronaut in the Ocean (Rock Cover)’ from the emerging new artists Your Machine and David Woodring is a memorable debut, as they passionately display their quality new music to makes us feel alive again. They are currently working on some new tracks as we speak via their world online studio, so our hungry appetites may be satisfied once more.

Stream this fine single on Soundcloud and see their rise out of the water on FB.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Moving swiftly on: Pamela Hopkins makes it clear that ‘Somebody Here is Walkin’

Pamela Hopkins sings with a real statement that leaves no doubt that her former lover’s indiscretion won’t be tolerated on new single ‘Somebody Here is Walkin‘.

Little Rock, Arkansas, indie-Country singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Pamela Hopkins, is an inspirational woman that performs with a honest style that makes her endearing to all listeners. Her authentic energy transforms the sonic experience and you can’t help but enjoy her music and sensational vocals.

When you have put in the effort to learn the piano, drums, cello, bass, and harmonica, you know instantly that this is a proper musician. Her stunning voice puts the cherry on the top, as you have an electric sensation in your bones when you turn up the volume on high, while sitting back and tapping your feet throughout.

With a glorious vocal ability and a girl-power mentality, she shows all the ladies out there what to do when you have been messed around. Her storytelling is vivid and the excitement she has for music- is crystal clear to see and hear.

Somebody Here is Walkin‘ from the incredibly well-respected and hugely talented Pamela Hopkins is an example to us all that you can be a full-time musician, if you want it enough. After stints in law enforcement and as an English teacher while still performing with her beloved band, she is a bright light of guidance to goodness in this dark world.

Standing up for yourself is the only way to go and anyone that doesn’t respect you enough by cheating when you have given them your heart- deserves to be shown the door swiftly. Never mess with those goodbye shoes as they pack quite the kick.

See the music video on YouTube and find out more about this exceptional talent via her IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Ben Orton releases his latest piece Isolation Ocean

Ben Orton has dropped his single ‘Isolation Ocean’, one that is extremely relevant to the ways of the world today and a little pick me up.

Having that rather Rock and Roll but that Western Country twist as the instrumentals have these insane electric riffs, but then have this fast pace country-esque style as the two tunes on the guitar collide together. Intertwining two specific genres to create this up-lifting funky piece of music.

Ben has some fairly raspy vocals a bit more on the low side of things when it comes to tone, but that’s what gives this piece a real calming and soothing feeling as you listen to it, though he gives a sense of hope through his lyrics and this generally catchy track.

Definitely check out this single by Ben if you’re looking for new music to delve into.

Check out Ben Orton’s Isolation Ocean by heading on over to YouTube.

Review by Karley Myall

A&R Factory Present: YEBBA

Hailing from West Memphis, Arkansas, Yebba Smith is carrying the weight of a town that brought us such musical juggernauts as Grammy Award winner Shirley Brown, Blues legend Junior Wells and of course, The Memphis Horns. Her chillingly soulful, yet soft voice gives you the impression that she has no problem flying that flag, as she commands the stage with a pain in her voice that is enough to encapsulate any audience.

You don’t have to be from west of the Mississippi to enjoy appreciate this little gem. You will believe the words she says as much as she does. Her track ‘My Mind’ is one of many that will guide your mind a yonder to ex-partners and long-ago loved ones; to that first love that you let get away. More than just a tear jerker, she has a style that is all her own and a really exciting prospect for the up and coming music scene.