Swelo – Smoke: The Master of the Sultry Melody

Up and coming Urban Pop artist Smoke has recently released a R&B Jazz infused beat that is pretty much as easy as breathing. The cathartic grooves of the track almost have a hypnotic affect as you drink in the stylised sultry ambience behind the beat. With so much soul behind Swelo’s music, it was really no surprise that he hails from New Orleans.

The fluidity of the vocals is like nothing I have ever heard before, which may sound like an overstatement but God damn, give the emerging artist credit where credit is due. The vocals get switched up throughout the mix to treat you to lucidly deep crooning and soft tempo rap bars.

The beat to Smoke came alive through an experimental mix of acoustic instruments and digital effects, yet no sound hit you harder than the brass which sat iridescently brighter than any other arrangement in the mix. There’s also a stunning instrumental breakdown which you can look forward to which draws Smoke to a captivating close.

You can check out Swelo’s latest single Smoke for yourself by heading over to SoundCloud

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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