SQUARMS started a revolution with their avant-garde electronica manifesto Goodbye Thinking

As we teeter on the precipice of a new world, not the brave new world imagined by Aldous Huxley, but one in which cognition falls to the wayside as AI thinks and creates in place of us, SQUARMS have elucidated the beauty which lies within organic creation, the zeal of true passion, the fire of authentic volition through their debut LP, Goodbye Thinking.

After lulling you into a psychedelic neo-jazz dream state through the opening title single, the ground-breaking electronica duo narrates a harbingering account of where society has rushed to, an era of technology advancing us as we regress into discord and dissension.

With the vocals finding the middle ground between voracious charisma and histrionic oration in the extended intro single, the verses ensnare with the grip of a beartrap, leaving you open to the mind-altering jazzy neo-pop grooves in the first of the standout singles, Artificial Love.  As the intricate layers of the instrumentals pull together over the solid backbeat, culminating in a tranquilly haunting haze that spills into the psyche, the vocals pour an elixir of ardour, giving us a taste of what we’re missing when connection is digitised and commodified.

The single, Meatbrain, reaches the epitome of oscillating innovation; the interstellar production reverberates around dystopic aesthetics as the Devil May Care vocal lines marry human emotion and logic, painting a disparaging portrait of the future that we’re sleepwalking into.

The fiercely independent DIY outfit, now residing between Newcastle Upon Tyne and Japan didn’t just make their mark with Goodbye Thinking, they started an aural revolution with the avant-garde manifesto.

Goodbye Thinking was officially released on March 15th; stream the LP on all major platforms including Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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