SPAREY – Sick Fade: Accessibly Fresh Urban EDM Pop

“Sick Fade” is the first single from the soulfully resounding Urban Pop artist SPAREY. With equal amounts of style and attitude, the single unfolds to the sound of glitchy breakbeats with plenty of dub and bass. The hooks grip you with a sense of familiarity and accessibility, yet, there’s no disputing that SPAREY has her own pioneeringly poignant style.

The turbulent melody to Sick Fade was effortlessly matched by the perfect meter and rhyme of the lyricism. As for the power and sultry allure of the vocals, you’d have trouble finding another artist to rival SPAREY’s decadently indulgent prowess. Once the 2:40-minute track abruptly comes to a halt, it’s hard not to feel as though you’ve been teased by the debut. I’m already in bitter-sweet anticipation for her to drop an album.

You can check out SPAREY’s latest single Sick Fade for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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