SpaceyY has released his new track ‘Slowpoke’, an incredible stream of alternative hip-hop.

At a first go, it made me loosely think about Cannibal Ox’s wide lyrical structure. As I was listening, I realized that SpaceyY has a highly unique feel that transcends your typical rap track, and paused 20 seconds in to dive into the rhythmic lines of the rap and better appreciate the slo-fi textures.

There’s much more to it than expected: halfway in, the track opens up to a party-like drum & bass segment that speeds up to a breakbeat pace before reprising its original tempo. A brilliant twist!

It’s all very hip-hop, the kind of hip-hop that sounds ‘80’s’ but still resonates ahead of its time. You can tell SpaceyY is definitely not a slowpoke.

Go check out Slowpoke on Spotify.

Review by Jim Esposito.

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