Songs by Ruth – The Brave: Grounding Aural Folk Alchemy

If I described Songs by Ruth’s new release as sobering that almost sounds like the biggest understatement. Encapsulating her raw, grounding aural energy in words is almost impossible. Usually, I’ll normally find discontentment in the lack of brevity within acoustic Folk lyrics, whilst they usually flirt with overly (sickening) romantic notions Ruth took a stab at creating an angelically acoustic composition that battles the real issues head on. For a singer to actually look outside of herself for sentiment to sing about isn’t something you hear every day, and it’s as refreshing as rain after a heatwave. Ruth’s lyrical strength is just as resounding as her soaring, sultry vocal style which allows you to hang on to each and every word pensively projected into the microphone. There isn’t a single flaw to be found in the track which has been polished and produced to perfection in an almost Pop Folk styling.

You can check out Ruth’s latest offering of catharsis with her track The Brave which was released in April 2018 on SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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