Soak Up Some Intricately Rhythmic Instrumental Funk with The Data Waves’ EP “Lady in Red”

For their latest EP “Lady In Red” The Data Waves served up one of the most viscerally hypnotic offerings of genre-defiance we’ve heard in a long time. The instrumental Funk band have the rare talent of striking you with an instantaneously arrestive soundscape which leaves you with little choice whether their soundscape will resonate.

There is no need for lyrics or vocals to lace their tracks with emotion, instead, the emotivity is palpable through the up-vibe melodies which carry pure anthemic good vibes as the tracks progress and contort organically. Each one of the instrumentalists in the Data Waves is a master of intricate rhythmic command, but I’m fairly sure that the sax player sold his soul to the devil.

You can check out the latest EP by the Data Waves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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