Snap Ruga – 3am – A Mellow Hip-Hop Groove With A Strong Lyric

The first few moments of Snap Ruga’s new Hip Hop track “3AM” are a constant evolution of a sheet of sound with lush female background vocals and a wide sense of space and reverb, which, not only immediately made me feel immersed in the music, but also kept evolving and developing throughout the whole song.

With a deep low end pumping under the verse and long smooth sonorities in the background, “3AM” is just the right blend of great production techniques and vocal delivery. With its breaks at just the right places, gentle feminine interludes and a brilliantly depicted sense of space, this song has all the elements it needs to impact an audience greatly.

Needless to say, the lyric content, focusing on life struggles and all the things which truly make us human is also very powerful, yet the way the music is produced created a perfect balance between the roughness in the lyric content and the softness in the underwater-like background soundscape. Go ahead and listen to is now on Soundcloud to hear it for yourself!

Sarah Marie Bugeja

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