Slip into the sheets of euphoria with Deshon Washington’s RnB hit, Stay the Night

Take the time to slip away from the Weeknd and into the superlative RnB pop solace and soul which resounds in Deshon Washington’s standout single, Stay the Night. With one of the seamlessly smooth crescendos on the airwaves, the single erupts into a burst of affection-derived euphoria as the backbeat bolsters and the passion spilling from Washington’s vocal lines intensifies.

By building up from a tenderly caressive start and allowing the soundscape, which intertwines 80s, 90s, and contemporary RnB aesthetics, to ensue into a cascade of ardour, Stay the Night becomes so much more than a proclamation of passion from the Arkansas singer-songwriter. You almost get a first-hand experience of hitting the sheets with one of the most seductive artists on the scene when you hit play.

After cutting his teeth in the indie RnB scene for the past seven years, Deshon Washington’s time to dominate the charts is now. Following being cast on the Netflix series Sing On, earning his stripes as an international performer and a nomination for R&B Vocalist of the Year in 2023, we have no doubt that 2024 will be the year when he moves from criminally underrated to internationally acclaimed.

Stream Stay the Night on YouTube now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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