Slip into Neweye’s Latest Lucid Trap Mix “Mellow Fade, Mellow Lade”

“Mellow Fade, Mellow Lade” is the latest track to be released from experimental Hip Hop & Rap artist Neweye. And while I have listened to some pretty psychedelic mixes in my time, it’s hard to recollect one which is as hypnotic as what Neweye cooked up. In retrospect, the title was a fair warning to what I could expect from his sound.

While the track starts out as you would expect any Jazz-influenced Hip Hop track would, the track quickly transcends into a soundscape of wavy lucidity. The Rap bars fading in and out of focus around the instrumental notes where every note seemed to bleed melody.

Mellow Fade, Mellow Lade may have been under two minutes long, but that’s all the time Neweye needs to leave a lasting impression with his deeply distinctive sound which I can almost guarantee you won’t have heard anywhere else.

You can check out Neweye’s latest mix Mellow Fade, Mellow Lade for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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