Simetra – All Our Glass Houses: Intricately Experimental Abstract House

If your playlists are missing a touch of Abstract House, look no further than Simetra’s offering of stunning EDM with the latest remix of All Our Glass Houses, originally composed by Imokayiguess.

Throughout the duration of the mix transcendental dreamscapes pass by lingering in the space between the sound which is riddled with intricately experimental breakdowns and hooks. I could have spent hours passing through the progressive sound, sadly All Our Glass Houses is only 4 minutes long. Let’s hope for an album release. The lucidity which is captured in the elastic textures gives the track a perfect transcendental vibe whilst it drifts in and out of ethereal momentum. It was about time someone stepped up and innovated the Techno scene. Simetra’s stylish sensibility is a mix of moody melody and icy impulses infused euphoric emotion.  I can honestly say I was transfixed by every second of the track.

If you’re a fan of the abstract experimental soundscapes you can check out Simetra’s latest remix of All Our Glass Houses on SoundCloud.  You won’t be disappointed by the prodigal approach to the reinventing of Techno.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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