Annabel Gutherz – Legends: An Ethereally-Inspired Orchestral Ballad.

“Legends” is the first single to be released by the up and coming experimentally prodigal artist Annabel Gutherz.  Even after the prelude to Legends had seamlessly brought in the first verse, I still had no idea what kind of aural alchemy was unfolding before me. It certainly isn’t a sound which you could neatly squeeze into a genre and it’s safe to say you won’t have heard many tracks with the same overwhelming levels of harmony around the unique mix of orchestral instruments and Pop Ballad vocals. When you’re safely in the chorus, you’re able to fully connect with the ethereally inspired single. Whilst the sentiment was admirable and composed for an uplifting effect, yet I couldn’t help but feel the lyrical choices were a little obvious.

You can check out Annabel Gutherz’s single Legends for yourself by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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