Shake It Up: Toni Tubna and the Stockholm Tuba Sect call for us to open up our eyes on The Triennial

When the Magic Went Wrong by Toni Tubna with the Stockholm Tuba Sect

With a book of short stories written by Ian Button, Toni Tubna and the Stockholm Tuba Sect infuses a mysterious Scandinavian collective together as one on the latest sky-seeking track to remember, The Triennial.

Toni Tubna and the Stockholm Tuba Sect are a Folkestone, UK-born indie act that has close links to Death in Vegas and Thrashing Doves.

During the summer and autumn of 2021, Button began to write a series of email short stories for his bandmates (he was drumming for The Catenary Wires), based upon the running tour joke that he had a past life as a magician – the anagrammatically named Toni Tubna. They were shaggy dog tales of improbable disasters and misadventures, written as Toni’s memoirs.” ~ Toni Tubna and the Stockholm Tuba Sect

Kent based project Toni Tubna and the Stockholm Tuba Sect is a group like none other. Taken from their recent 12-track release When the Magic Went Wrong, this is a rattle shaking song to shadow out the misinformation forever.

Urging us to wake up quickly before all is lost, this is an anthem for those who needed some enlightening honesty sung with such a lovely ambience.

The unlikely writing partnership has generated a concept album of progressive psychedelic pop, mixed with dark oompah, mod tango, chamber rock ’n’ roll drama and haunted folk, flavoured with narrative and oblique imagery taken from Button’s original stories.” ~ Toni Tubna and the Stockholm Tuba Sect

The Triennial from Folkestone, UK-born indie outfit Toni Tubna and the Stockholm Tuba Sect is a wonderful single that is performed with flair, terrific energy and catchy lyrics which might make you think extra deeply when you’re in bed tonight. Showing us that timeless music is there for us to feast on if we dig deep enough, this is a tremendous effort made with their unmistakable charm and quality.

Hear this new song on Bandcamp and see more on the Twitter page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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