Shahzad – On My Own: Distinctively Melodic Hip Hop

Any fans of Yelawolf are sure to appreciate Shahzad’s distinctive approach to Rap and Hip Hop with his upcoming single “On My Own”. There aren’t many Rap artists out there with the ability to create a track which comes together through nothing but good vibes, rhythm, and sticky-sweet Pop melodies. Rather than running through with an average beat, Shahzad utilised elements of House to bring a new visceral brand of energy to the Rap scene. There is as much charisma as there is in Shahzad’s smooth Rap style which is just one of the reasons you will fall in love with the up and coming artist’s approach through this track. On My Own may be under two minutes long, but that’s all you need to appreciate his prodigally infectious style.

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Review by Amelia Vandergast

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