LaShonda Schofield – Calamity: R&B

All you fans of some sensual R&B, welcome, you’ll probably listen to something you will enjoy much here. This is “Calamity” by LaShonda Schofield.

LaShonda Schofield became a recording artist at the age of 19. You can tell that although she is going for a fresh sound, she probably is the type of person that grew up blasting all the soul and R&B classics. This is a smooth R&B song; the instrumentation is keeping it simple even though it blends with a trap approach. The lyrics are more or less what one would expect, LaShonda is addressing her love interest, stating that he should not call her his baby anymore. And without a doubt, there are countless people out there who are ready to relate. I mean, no one really puts up an R&B without expecting a likeminded lyrical content, am I wrong? And this song hits the nail on the coffin.

So, if you can relate, you have two options: A) Be a typical millennial and block his number if it’s over between you two or B) you can play “Calamity” to him.

If you find the latter appealing, click here

Review by Nektarios Oikonomakis

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