Seattle Hip Hop Artist J.Raine Hits Us With More Relatable Hip Hop With “Digital World”

After being blown away by J.Raine’s single #MeToo, I was somewhat sceptical as to how he could top the depth and dark moody rhythm of the track. Yet the Seattle-based Hip Hop artist proved that there was plenty more up his sleeve with the slightly more upbeat single “Digital World”.

With Digital World following on his last release, it’s clear that through his music you’re treated to a raw narrative of contemporary. The sentiment hits even harder thanks to the high-fire beats he uses as a platform for his raw and relatable sentiment.

There’s a slight alternative feel to the fizzy reverberant basslines which hold the structure of the multi-layer track which combines Trap with EDM elements and of course J.Raine’s distinctive vocal style. After Digital World fades out there’s a real sense that you’ve been hit by a euphorically upbeat track which isn’t afraid to tackle the deeper issues. But that’s no reason why you can’t enjoy vibrant beats alongside sobering lyricism.

You can check out J.Raine’s latest single Digital World for yourselves over at Reverb Nation

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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