Jay London silences the critics with music video for ”Back to the Bars” Ft. Criss Jrumz

The Official Music Video of “Back to the Bars” by Jay London featuring Criss Jrumz and guest starring Save Mars and Richie Black hits his critics in the mouth. Criticized recently for singing a lot, this is a big middle finger to all the haters. Jay is in a mood to let people know what he thinks and goes full tilt here.

Back to the Bars” Ft. Criss Jrumz is a really good song and video due to the skillful bars and the meaning behind the track. Jay was also in two minds as to whether or not to bring out new music to the Black Lives Movement which has been critical in educating the world. He decided to release new music anyway and I feel like that was the right move. New music is always welcome as to keep us happy during this wild time of pandemic and hate around.

Jay London is in inspired form for his new single “Back to the Bars” and this should turn down the volume of some of the negative voices. He has gone back to his roots and has made it clear that he will sing or rap. This is his life and will do whatever he feels is right.

Stream the video now on YouTube for your view of Jay as he does what he wants and let’s everyone know about it.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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