Sanctified – Yeti Dreams Album Review: From Gritty to Good-Vibe in One Seamless Flow

Ready to hear the hottest Hip Hop Rap album of 2018?

I wasn’t, but I hit play on Sanctified’s debut album Yeti Dreams anyway and got blown away with their heavy bars, flows that seemed to stretch into infinity and Heavy Hip Hop Trap effects that perfectly rounded off the sound. The mid-tempo beat is an absolute dream of a laid-back synergy to kick back and chill to. All 6 tracks on Santified’s album run with the same palpable energy, yet the Rap duo mix it up from gritty effects to good vibe harmonies. I’m officially dubbing Yeti Dreams the official album to smoke to, although unravelling the complexity in their bars may be a near impossible task without the full use of your faculties. My favourite track on the album was without doubt ‘Ftk’ which ran at a pace that would make Busta Rhymes head spin. The Rap duo’s combined lyrical fury makes for quite the experience of aural alchemy, especially when you reach the concluding track Revive which is one of the most sonorously haunting Hip Hop beats I’ve heard this year.

You can stream Sanctified’s album Yeti Dreams in full on Spotify

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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