Ziggy Sound returns courageously from the darkness on ‘Bring Me Back To Life’

After previously blessing us with his feature on ‘WHY(Live at One Day Famous) with his friend Alen Chicco, Ziggy Sound shows us into his solo world with a stunning single to embrace with called ‘Bring Me Back To Life‘.

Ziggy Sound is a Vilnius, Lithuania-based indie singer-songwriter who is also currently studying a business and communications degree.

Returning from the chilly waters that threatened to take him underwater forever, Ziggy Sound finds the ideal love and warms our hearts with one of the most romantic acoustic songs you are ever likely to hear. He skillfully takes our hand and takes us into safer climates, where there is only peace and understanding that is far away from the havoc of current times.

Bring Me Back To Life‘ from Vilnius, Lithuania-based indie singer-songwriter Ziggy Sound is a lovely single that will help you feel so much livelier than before. His vocals are supremely smooth and loving, with lyrics that will make you smile as you close your eyes and find that true soulmate you have been seeking.

When you find that special human in your life, everything changes forever.

See this new music video on YouTube and see more via the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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