Ryan Ramirez’s Sultrily Rhythmic Latest Single “She Can Get It” ft. lil bahwuh

Of all the up and coming R&B artists I’ve checked out recently, there are very few which possess the same amount of charisma as Ryan Ramirez. With his latest track “She Can Get It” he created a steady, sultry rhythm which will be accessible to people who don’t even have a particular penchant for the genre. The Pop style production of the multi-layered gave the sound a radio-ready seamless finish. Against the kicks of the 808 beats you’re also treated to acoustic layers to ensure the melody is on point to draw you into the urban allure of the track. Whilst the collaboration with lil bahwuh added yet another interesting dynamic to Ryan Ramirez’s sound it was easy to feel that his rap verses didn’t quite match the standard of Ramirez’s crooning Trap style.

You can check out the official video to Ryan Ramirez’s latest track which was released October 17th for yourselves by heading over to YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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