Matti Roots – I Come In Peace : A breathtaking soulful song

The unfeigned but emotionally rave soundscapes of Matti Roots’s single ‘I Come In Peace’, could be a real-time authoritative of an artist’s consciousness.

The song is a cool, feeble and palatable, as if it had already been smashed into a million pieces and calmly put back together, its cracks still evident in the care with which it was handled. The emotional impact of such a work on an already reeling heart is armored.

Matti’s latest releases are a duo of cosmic soul, I Come In Peace is an interstellar love song that touches on the cautious feelings one has at the beginning of a relationship, whilst Out There is a more contemplative song, combining soulful piano with an electro hip-hop beat with the intrepid ease and catchy hooks that define his career.

As a producer Matti Roots has had the pleasure of working with the likes of Dua Lipa, Kojey Radical, Mugun, Bento BDA and newcomer Rebecca James, but has been constantly writing music for himself. He began to release these new soulful creations late last year with Loving That.

The transient swirl of the Artist’s beautiful vocals, the melodic vibe which has the power of crashing down onto and then rising above the mix sures makes the song very unique. It culminates in the near screech that leads into the sexy-spooky confessional tone.

Personal by illuminating this, ‘I Came In Peace’ is throwing the stars like dice; when the desired constellation appears, the power of human expression is fleetingly expose.

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