Remilekun testifies to the power of gratitude in her gospel single, Magnify

Christian & Gospel sensation, Remilekun, is a soulful force to follow in the graceful footsteps of. Her latest single, Magnify, explores the power of gratitude. Harness it, and you will find yourself as enlightened as this striking soundscape which cinematically drifts through neo-classical crescendos as it cradles the impressive octave range of the singer-songwriter.

Quiescently ornate and momentous in equal measure, Magnify is the ultimate affirmation of the heights that gratitude and faith can take you to when you shift your focus away from negativity and towards positivity and the belief that you have a cherished place in the world.

The almost overwhelmingly talented artist has a dynamic discography, containing everything from classic praise songs to serenades that even the most secularly minded will be moved by.

Check out Remilekun’s latest single, Magnify, on Spotify and YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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