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The calling: Remilekun sends out beautiful message on Christian Gospel single ‘Revelations’

Calling on all nations to come in peace to worship God, Remilekun is on top form via her new faith-filled single named ‘Revelations‘.

Remilekun is a wonderful Nigeria-born, London-based Christian Gospel musician and Choir Director, who has a deep hope for a better future and sings with the wind at her sails, as she teaches us the word of her God, to help us find meaning in our lives.

Her voice travels far and wide over the calming ocean, as her deep lungs fill up sweetly with stunning and relaxing energy to help us see through the scary fog, that is so prevalent in modern days.

She sings to worship her Lord and to show him that she is doing this to send out his name to all that can hear, with the sole purpose of making the world a better place.

Revelations‘ from Nigerian Gospel singer Remilekun is the most glorious song you will hear this week, as her voice shines above all the hate and horrific deviousness thwarting current times, as he portrays only peace and love with this fine single.

Having faith in these dark and confusing times, is the true test for any believer and music like this certainly warms the heart with so much joy.

See this stunning music video on YouTube and find out more about her on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

PTtheGospelSpitter – SfTK featuring Emcee N.I.C.E.: Upraisingly Contemporary Gospel RnB Hip Hop


Award-winning Christian & Gospel artist, PTtheGospelSpitter, has forcibly shunted Gospel RnB Hip Hop into the realm of the contemporary with the release of their latest single ‘SfTK’ which features the luminary Emcee N.I.C.E.

With their ability to preach without any hint of self-righteousness, everyone can take hold of the upraising energy in SfTK – regardless of religious inclanations. Their charismatic persona and invitingly absolving RnB vocals makes it impossible not to get drawn into the mellifluous grooving mix which is set to earn PTtheGospelSpitter plenty more acclaim after the official release. SfTK is pure chart-topping material, it’s going to be incredibly satisfying watching the track acscend.

You’ll be able to check out SfTK for yourselves from December 18th on all major platforms. Head on over to PTtheGospelSpitter’s official website to listen.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Folarin & Keziah Have Redefined the Christian and Gospel Genre with Their Latest Single “Jesus is Alive”

After hearing Folarin & Keziah’s latest collaborative Christian and Gospel single “Jesus is Alive”, I can guarantee that it’s not just the pious who will appreciate the riff-filled, Funk-soaked high octane mix which they’ve created.

How many times have you hit play on a single to discover it was passionless, soulless and sterile? Consider Jesus is Alive as an aural antidote. Jesus is Alive is brimming with an infectious amount of soul which won’t fail to resonate around the monstrous guitar riffs, funky bass lines, soaring synth lines, and the charismatically magnetic dual vocals from Folarin & Keziah. The energy in this single is more potent than any track I’ve heard this year. It comes highly recommended, and not just for the artist’s exposure, consider it as doing yourselves a favour.

Folarin & Keziah are due to release their debut album on December 6th, so make sure to give them a follow on Instagram & Facebook to keep up to date with news of their release.

In the meantime, you can check out their single Jesus is Alive via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast