A&R Factory Present: Benny Cassette

Having recently released a Latin-inspired ode to his grandmother called “Sunrise Sunset” from his upcoming debut album, Broken Hearts and Dollar Signs, Benny Cassette is back with “Maxine”.

Due out on Friday, “Maxine” features a strong, pounding beat, trumpet interludes, and lyrics based on a letter written to a childhood girlfriend. Through words reflecting personal memories and soundscapes that capture the essence of his experiences, Benny has once again brought to life a resonant story.

After some time away from music to take care of his grandmother, Benny returned with work bearing messages that are close to his heart. A mutual acquaintance sent his beats to Kanye West, which garnered him an invitation to Paris to produce for Yeezus. Benny earned several production credits on Kanye’s groundbreaking album, and has since gone on to work with John Legend, Miguel, and many others.

While Benny lays his heart bare with his upcoming release of “Maxine”, it takes shape as a hopeful dance groove with the message found in the music: Any of us are able to change our lives if we want to. None of us are stuck. When we lay our hearts bare, amazing things can happen and dreams can come true.


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