Reaching for your dreams: Legendary Hong Kong creator Enso brings us the excellent All Evolutionz 全進化 single ‘Never With You’

All Evolutionz 全進化 are back with a compelling orchestral/film score masterpiece that is part of the exquisite six-chapter story, and this single is called ‘Never With You‘.

Enso is the mastermind behind this fantastic project and is mostly known as the founder of XXX Hong Kong, which was an underground gallery and nightclub that existed from 2011-2018.

This is the fourth music release of 2020 under the new name and this is the end of the current music cycle for now and a fantastic year music-wise, has given much hope for the future. When you are a part of something special like this, I like how its done properly and not overloaded in your face to water it down. This is a classy creator who is taking his time to make sure that it is of the highest world class standard possible.

The captivating start of this magnificent song gives you chills all over your body as you sit back, close your eyes and visualize the beauty that is before you.

Soon, the vocals simmer in and takes you by surprise, the hauntingly beautiful melodies and constant surprises in your curious ears, are quite dazzling and your heart will skip a beat as you closely listen, taking away all other distractions in your busy mind.

Never With You‘ from All Evolutionz 全進化 is an story of loss and wonder, the transfixing variations are absolutely outstanding and you can’t help but admire the effortless masterpiece that you have just listened to. This is music that needs to be in a movie and the sooner, the better.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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