Raz Khaleed – H-Town: Grittily Sweet Trap

If there’s one thing that the music scene isn’t short of, it’s Trap artists, it may have only been 8 years since the style first exploded onto the Rap scene, taking victorious dominance through the rattle and snare of the 808 beats. The Old School fans may not be thrilled, but it’s up and coming Trap artists like Raz Khaleed that really set the standard with their music. Teaming up with producer KbeaZy, Khaleed created a subversive beat that J.Cole, Kendrick Lamar & Jay Z fan’s would adore. The progression of Khaleed’s latest single H-Town may wander in seemingly sporadic directions, yet as you let the multi-layered elastic beat wash over you, there’s no stopping the high-vibe sentiment of H-Town from resonating within you.  Raz Khaleed’s rap vocals are rhythmic without being abrasive under a Hip Hop influence to the Trap sound. H-Town is by far the most outstanding tack Khaleed has put out to date, the lyrics were audibly pensively penned and packed full of sentiment to make H-Town a grittily sweet anthemic hit.

You can check out Raz Khaleed’s latest single H-Town which was released April 2018 head on over to SoundCloud to enjoy his hyped beats that are perfect to vibe-out to.

Review by Amelia Vandergast



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