Quinn Henry Mulligan – In My Room: A Lynchian Riddle of Hypnotic Jazz & Psychedelic Rock

If you gave Quinn Henry Mulligans latest track In My Room 20 seconds of your time, I could guarantee that you’d be in love with his sound in 10. If words could express how utterly sublime his music is, he wouldn’t be doing it right. The track holds so much evocative emotion which is expressed in the most tantalisingly tentative ways imaginable.

For an audiophile, instrumentals are just orgasmic, the sound is so resounding, so clear cut, the saxophone mixed with the guitar riffs cut through you like a knife, and by the time that the track fades out you’ve got a new vice in the form of Portland, Oregon based Folk Indie Pop Sensation.

Quinn Henry Mulligans sound is almost Lynchian with such a hypnotic transcendence riddled within the mind mash of genres. In his latest track In My Room, you can find hints of Jazz, Psychedelic Rock & Traditional Folk that blend together under his dreamy vocal arrangement that combined may just be the most pacifying sound that has ever reached my eardrums.

You can check out In My Room on Spotify now:

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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