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Sam Cooper & The Sleepwalkers – So Small and So Loud

There aren’t many band names who can rival the ingenuity of Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, but Sam Cooper & The Sleepwalkers may have cracked it. The Washington DC-based Alt Psych Rock artists also packed in exactly the same amount of melancholy into their soundscapes as the iconic artist. The conversationally accessible style of the lyrics and the vocals will leave you hooked on each softly projected verse. The fact that the band chose to close So Small and So Loud on a My Bloody Valentine-inspired wall of cataclysmically heavy guitars was notably genius. That’s one way of rounding off an unforgettably sensuous track which comes alive under fuzzy reverb and a cathartically tentative progression.

You can check out So Small and So Loud from the latest album ‘Apophenian’ by Sam Cooper & The Sleepwalkers by heading over to Bandcamp now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


KOYO – What is Mine: An Aural Offering of Ambiently Fluid Resonance

KOYO’s latest single What is Mine may start tentatively, yet the progressive nature of the track means that you’re treated to a whole smorgasbord of aural delights.  The extended duration of the track ensures that there’s plenty of time to seamlessly weave through soundscapes which are founded upon melodic elements of Shoegaze, Folk, Psychedelia and Alt Rock. The male and female vocals share a perfect amount of synergy as they verse the simple, yet poignant lyrics to What is Mine; which is just one of the standout singles from KOYO’s 2017 self-titled album.

What is Mine is one of those rare gems that you’ll stumble across from time to time which will remind you what prodigal music sounds like. It really is no wonder that the album received such critical acclaim back in 2017. Since then KOYO have released the sublimely Post Punk hit ‘Jettisoned’; I can only hope that they’ve got an album in the making for 2018.

You can check out KOYO’s latest single What is Mine along with the rest of the 2017 album on SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Mutant Daisies – Minus the Mutants: Did Someone Splice the Cramps & Queens of the Stone Age?

It’s official. I have a new favourite Psychedelic Rock band.

Mutant Daisies have just released their latest single Minus the Mutants and instead of venturing down the same paths as many contemporary Rock artists into a more synthy arena, they have stuck to their roots and created a sound that many people may say has already been done before. However, Mutant Daisies may be the band to challenge critics of revivalist sound after they have audibly breathed fresh new life into the scene with their Garage Punk aggression around the classic soaring hooks and harmonies which the instrumentals synergistically create. The filthily anthemic vibe of the New York based quartet is perfected by Arthur Fitch’s vocals which sits somewhere in between the styles of Josh Homme and Black Keys vocalist Dan Auerbach.

It’s safe to say I’ve found a new addiction in Mutant Daisies latest single through their raw, organic sound which is created through a unique blend of Dream Pop, Psychedelia and Indie.

You can check out Mutant Daisies latest track Minus the Mutants on SoundCloud now

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Quinn Henry Mulligan – In My Room: A Lynchian Riddle of Hypnotic Jazz & Psychedelic Rock

If you gave Quinn Henry Mulligans latest track In My Room 20 seconds of your time, I could guarantee that you’d be in love with his sound in 10. If words could express how utterly sublime his music is, he wouldn’t be doing it right. The track holds so much evocative emotion which is expressed in the most tantalisingly tentative ways imaginable.

For an audiophile, instrumentals are just orgasmic, the sound is so resounding, so clear cut, the saxophone mixed with the guitar riffs cut through you like a knife, and by the time that the track fades out you’ve got a new vice in the form of Portland, Oregon based Folk Indie Pop Sensation.

Quinn Henry Mulligans sound is almost Lynchian with such a hypnotic transcendence riddled within the mind mash of genres. In his latest track In My Room, you can find hints of Jazz, Psychedelic Rock & Traditional Folk that blend together under his dreamy vocal arrangement that combined may just be the most pacifying sound that has ever reached my eardrums.

You can check out In My Room on Spotify now:

Review by Amelia Vandergast