Popcore Proves To Be The Best Of Both Worlds

There is an art to making dance music that wanders that fine line between the infectious and groovesome requirements of the peak dance floor hours and something that takes the night into the chill zone, but Popcore know just how to do that and Calling Out is the result. It
cleverly marries up vibrant, futuristic beats and energized synths with slower and more sultry moves, meaning that it is the sort of song that a DJ could drop in at any point of the night.

It is also music with a conscience, avoiding the usual cliched or meaningless clubland lyricism and delivering something that reminds us that the modern world can be a tough and distant place and feelings of abandonment and loneliness are something we have all dealt with from
time to time. There is nothing wrong with asking for help, nothing wrong with Calling Out. A song which covers all bases musically speaking and which addresses social anxieties of the modern age. What a great meeting of music and mindfulness.

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