ElonTheDon channeled Eva Alordiah with this retro resounding rap song she titled, TRIP.

The encomium is a well-deserved laud that should solely be accorded to this Female emcee that’s got a pack-full of raw talent, a sizzling lyrical gait that’s pretty knitted, and an astounding attitude that’s ensheathed in a perfect coiffeur.

There’s more there is to know about life, if life is truly a bitch and that’s what ElonTheDon’s “TRIP” is focused on.

Well, with range of the pure flow she pulled off in this song, one wouldn’t be mistaken to acknowledge the fact that she’s the real deal when it comes to the mastery of her craft.

This a fuzzy-cozzy kind of rap psych song which was rather rendered in a tempo that somewhat resembles what Lana Del Rey pitched herself, but in the genre of hip hop.

The melancholic beat and the intro of this song will keep you enthralled in its beautiful stratosphere. It even gets better when the “Life’s a bitch” hook hits your ear. ElonTheDon sound so much like a Nigerian female rap emcee Eva Alordiah.

The flow of the song is beautiful and the hook is really catchy as you can easily sing along once it gets to that part of the song. ElontheDon gave us a heavy ripple on this song with her style of sound and cool headed vibe which resonates from the beat of her new single she tittled “TRIP”.

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