Paytra ft. Troubletime – Hater: Empresses of Empowering Urban Pop

Haters, we all have them, yet not everyone can make a dope anthemic Hip Hop Rap track about how absolutely infuriating they are which turns out as prowling, domineering and quite frankly genius. Paytra teamed up with Troubletime to create their anthemic Pop hit Hater which could without doubt rival Taylor Swifts Shake it Off. Remember the meme ‘name a bigger badass than Taylor Swift?’ Now I can definitely name two more that knocks her further down the Pop pedestal.

I absolutely adored the fact they challenged chauvinistic perception by declaring they made their own beats behind Hater, and what amazing beats they were. The urban inspired Trip Hop licks lay down the perfect platform for the vocalists to lay down their organically astounding lyricism. With plenty of hooks and drops around the weaving, thrashing and sweetly synergetic track hits you with it’s infectiously good vibe feel.

You can check out Paytra’s latest track Hater featuring Troubletime which was released on April 8th, 2018 on YouTube now. Go on, stick it on your playlists, with Hater in your musical arsenal you’ll never have another bad day.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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