Parker Moore – How Long: Viscerally Transcendental Psychedelic Alt Rock

Alterations & Repairs by Parker Moore

Parker Moore’s latest single How Long is a poignantly poised trapping of Alt Indie Rock which incorporates transcendental swathes of sound that beckon you to a completely new plateau. Drawing reminiscence to Parker Moore’s sound against other vaguely similar artists would be the ultimate insult to his prodigal style. So, it’s probably best if you check out the viscerally compelling psychedelically driven track for yourselves.

You can download & stream Parker Moore’s latest single How Long from his 2018 album Alterations & Repairs via BandCamp now.

To create his latest album Parker Moore teamed up with instrumentalists John-Paul McLean on bass & Javier Torres on drums. Together the trio laid down a synergetic smorgasbord of gently intricate riffs and progressions which allowed Parker Moore’s vocals to truly resonate over the beguilingly zealous sound. The Oakland California based alternative artist sound may be on the underground now, but how could allowing his sound to remain there be justified when it rings with a haunting empyreal edge that any self-respecting Shoegaze band would strive towards. All that is without mentioning the sobering lyrics behind How Long which made each line piercingly sharp through the dreamy lucid melancholy.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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