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The John Michie Collective goes interstellar with their latest Alt Psych single ‘I’ll Write Your Constellation’

The John Michie Collective has put a new twist on the already twisted Psych Rock genre with their latest single ‘I’ll Write Your Constellation’.

With classical strings cutting their way through the soundscape which contains transcendently experimental disco beats, angular guitar notes and the transfixing trickles of Neo-Classic keys, I’ll Write Your Constellation is as beguiling as Dark Psych gets.

Hints of Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Phobophobes and The Velvet Underground may be detectable, but the multi-instrumentalist will undoubtedly be appreciated by anyone looking for enlivening ingenuity rather than assimilation from new artists.

There’ll be plenty more to come from the UK-based artist in 2021, making room for The John Michie Collective on your radar will undoubtedly pay off.

The John Michie Collective’s latest single is available to stream on all major platforms via this link.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

West Wickhams – Who’s Out There: Mind-Altering Blood-Chilling Psychedelic Garage Rock

Scilly-hailing, Surrey UK-based Dark Punk duo West Wickhams’ has dropped their most transfixing track to date, ‘Who’s Out There’. From the first fiercely chilly note, the Surfy, Psychy Garage Rock hit will leave you psyched. (Pun kind of intended).

With elements of Post Punk found within the antagonistic vocals which practically effervesce with aggressive zeal, there are some reminiscences to the likes of Magazine, but you’ve never quite heard an infusion of Psych, Post Punk, and Garage Rock quite like this before.

If you got excited about Fontaines D.C, West Wickhams might just leave you with palpitations.

You can check out Who’s Out There which dropped on October 26th on YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Canadian Psychedelic rockers The Space Wizards beam through with ”On the Loose”

There’s a breath-taking start and the drummer is in full flow. There is no stopping him on this track and he fires through with unlimited energy. From there it’s a raw vocal and guitar lesson on how to entertain the crowd. One of Canada’s best are here and they are born to entertain.

The Space Wizards are a 3 piece outfit from the mean streets of Montreal that have been jamming together since 2017. They impress mightily with ”On The Loose”. This is good old fashioned rock and roll that is designed to make us dance. The band must be going nuts without live gigs as they seem like a proper act. Not concerned with fame, these guys just want to do what good bands do- rock out hard on stage and let it all hang out. That is exactly what the song is about. Keeping things real and letting bygones be bygones with small things. Life is too short for unnecessary issues. This single is taken off their successful ”Adding Color” album from 2019 with this song being one of their last single releases as new music is surely on the way in 2020.

Get some more of the Montreal band with old school rock skills right here on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Parker Moore – How Long: Viscerally Transcendental Psychedelic Alt Rock

Alterations & Repairs by Parker Moore

Parker Moore’s latest single How Long is a poignantly poised trapping of Alt Indie Rock which incorporates transcendental swathes of sound that beckon you to a completely new plateau. Drawing reminiscence to Parker Moore’s sound against other vaguely similar artists would be the ultimate insult to his prodigal style. So, it’s probably best if you check out the viscerally compelling psychedelically driven track for yourselves.

You can download & stream Parker Moore’s latest single How Long from his 2018 album Alterations & Repairs via BandCamp now.

To create his latest album Parker Moore teamed up with instrumentalists John-Paul McLean on bass & Javier Torres on drums. Together the trio laid down a synergetic smorgasbord of gently intricate riffs and progressions which allowed Parker Moore’s vocals to truly resonate over the beguilingly zealous sound. The Oakland California based alternative artist sound may be on the underground now, but how could allowing his sound to remain there be justified when it rings with a haunting empyreal edge that any self-respecting Shoegaze band would strive towards. All that is without mentioning the sobering lyrics behind How Long which made each line piercingly sharp through the dreamy lucid melancholy.

Review by Amelia Vandergast