PaNaMa HoLLa – Juice: R&B Rap Which Runs Through with Resonance

Many Hip Hop artists claim to have a smooth flow, but they may want to look to the tracks from PaNaMa HoLLa’s latest album “6” which sets the bar.

While many Rap artists may like to create an aural attack fuelled by plenty of aggression PaNaMa HoLLa chooses to run through his tracks with charismatically distinctive Rap bars around the R&B-style vocals.

The easy rhythm remains perceptible through the mix, even with the multi-layer chaos which is being laid down through an eclectic arrangement of electronic effect. His refined style never allows your attention to stray from the lyricism which has been cleverly articulated to make sure tracks from his album such as “Juice” flow with a generous amount of resonance. Each of the 10 tracks on the 2018 album has crisp and clean production which allows the release to stand as a testament to the Panama City hailing artist’s future potential.

You can check out PaNaMa HoLLa’s latest album by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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