B.Freed – Refugee Child: Harmonious Humanism

Songs don’t get any more powerful or real than B.Freed’s latest track Refugee Child, it’s an issue that I’m sure is at the back of many people’s minds when they’re tuning into their favourite tracks, that is of course unless you regularly listen to Sting and U2.

It’s hard to focus on anything but the soul crushing humanistic lyrics to this track which tell the devastating story of how a child travelled 10,000 miles to find a new home, but when I somehow managed to get past that. I could be forgiven for thinking that David Bowie had been resurrected, the similarity in vocal delivery is outstanding! As a major Bowie fan, that made Refugee Child a song that wasn’t just steeped in sadness, it was one that was held up by the diversity of B.Freed’s remarkably playful and distinctive vocal ability. The track written by the musician, humanist, songwriter, guitarist, singer and producer from Eastleigh, UK had an infinitely international sound that translate into an instant anthem in my eyes with a slight 80’s twinge.

Check out Refugee Child on SoundCloud

-Amelia Vandergast

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