PaNaMa HoLLa – GrindIt: Conceptually Rhythmic, Lyrically Lit Hip Hop

Consider the makings of any good urban artist; ability to wax lyrical, oozes charisma, possesses the melodic ability to keep to rhyme and meter – that is exactly what you get from up and coming Hip Hop artist PaNaMa HoLLa. PaNaMa HoLLa is guilty of all of these deft offences which he proved with his single GrindIt. Not only was the track lyrically and vocally on point, but the beat was like nothing I’ve heard this year from the Hip Hop Rap arena.

GrindIt had an inventive way of allowing the acoustic instruments to be complimented with digital resonance and effect making the sentiment riddled within PaNaMa HoLLa’s bars even more hard hitting. The multi-layer beat has an almost haunting quality as it progresses under the vocals until you get to the first bridge, and you’re treated to intricate notes of the acoustic guitar which weave through the synth.

You can check out PaNaMa HoLLa’s single GrindIt out for yourselves by heading over to his official website.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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