SWiiMS splash in with the 3rd single from their debut called ‘Hand of Love’

Hand of Love‘ is the third video and single for the debut EP ‘Through Waves‘ from SWiiMS.

SWiiMS is an awesome 4-piece rock band from Toronto in beautiful Canada. Their unique blend of Brit Rock, Dream Pop, Shoegaze and New Wave swirls together to create a sound that is all they own as they slide into our hearts with this fantastic music.

After the success of ‘Let You Down‘, this is a formidable follow-up and keeps the same high standard. This is a gripping indie track, full of brilliantly constructed guitar riffs and the sound is from the ocean, lots of waves and crashes. The vocals are soft but clear, your ears prick up to pick up on each note. This is a quality band that have a mellow style that keeps you listening so intently.

We all need that ‘Hand of Love‘ sometimes and Canadian band SWiiMS have provided us with a harmonious song, full of flair and the musicianship is quite out of this world. The skill here is high, the music is translucent and there is so much to like here.

Click here for the YouTube link.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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