November Rose – Tangerine Dream: Soul Trap to Send You Down the Rabbit Hole

Just another R&B & Soul artist?

Thankfully not.

With Tangerine Dream, November Rose (AKA Anthony Daniel) created a beautiful monster of that puts into perspective just how most R&B artists are indistinguishable from one another. After checking out November Rose’s debut track I knew that I could quite happily drink in an entire album of his experimentally vibrant soundscape. Rose’s magnetic melodies of Trap and Drum phases are as sharp as music gets, it’s as though he has selected the best vibes from a handful of genres to create a sensationally pioneering chilled out Trap Soul track.

The prelude was almost enough to make me feel like I’d gone down the rabbit hole and come out the other side in a black and white Noir film, yet the track progresses through a labyrinth of hooks and futuristically immersive breakdowns, all without the requirement of prominent vocals.

How November Rose hasn’t broken the internet with his sound, I will never understand. So, show the Atlanta Georgia based musical deity some love and drink in his electric sounds. You can check out November Rose’s blinding debut track Tangerine Dream on SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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