Change Your Mind: Toronto RnB stud CEZR wants her to stay on ‘Supposed to Be’

As he puts the work in to give himself a better life with that special lady he can’t stop thinking about, CEZR knows from the bottom of his heart that she is the right woman for him with ‘Supposed to Be‘.

CEZR is a well-loved Toronto, Canada-based indie-pop solo artist who sings with a fresh style that certainly uplifts your whole consciousness to see the world a bit clearer.

CEZR is on a journey to form a sound to make his mark within the industry. From poetic ballads to energetic and smooth pop music, CEZR has taken his Toronto upbringing as inspiration.” ~ CEZR

You feel like you are listening to a forthcoming superstar when you turn on CEZR on his sensually classy new single. His honest lyrics are without the sleaze – as he guides us into this captivating love story – that has you thinking you are watching a romantic movie unfold so perfectly.

Supposed to Be‘ from the fast-rising Toronto, Canada-based indie-pop singer-songwriter CEZR, is one of the smoothest tracks we have heard yet in 2021. His vocal range is quite special and has you grooving along to his crisp style that keeps you intrigued the whole through, on this new single that is bound to get you moving closer to that ideal partner you have been eyeing out for so long.

Anything truly worth it in life is definitely worth the wait.

Listen to this top new single on Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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